Just Peachy

I've been working on a writing project that's taking more time than I expected, and so have neglected my blog, which I promised myself I wouldn't do but hey, the road to hell paved with good intentions and all that... Joyce, the bringer of good things, came by with some local peaches that she'd bottled.... Continue Reading →


Bake Cake

I think that one could never make Dessert as pure as chocolate cake Light on fork and tender crumb Provoke predicted outburst “yum” Dessert as pure as chocolate cake Needs only basic things to make Flour, butter, cocoa and eggs Leavening agent, salt. Which begs The ask: why use a premade mix? For sure, it’s... Continue Reading →

Supper Snaps: Company’s Coming!

Special guests warrant special dinners, and I decided to work from my Italian repertoire. One of my favourite cuisines, it lends itself to family style dishes with make-ahead preparation and no fuss so that the cook can enjoy the company instead of hovering over the stove. I didn't get a lot of finished product pictures... Continue Reading →

Birthday cake

It's not my birthday, but I wish it was so I could have a cake like this. Draped in a silken layer of chocolate ganache, tarted up with white chocolate curls and fresh berries.

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