NaPoWriMo: Royalty & a Repeat

Typically I draw inspiration for my poetic adventures from the events of the day; I wait til something triggers a word or phrase and then build an entry around that. This week and today in particular, the recurring theme has been Royal. Earlier this week, our WHL team had their dream season come to a... Continue Reading →



My sister and I are on a road trip to Oromocto, New Brunswick; we pulled into Oxford for gas. Oxford is the Blueberry Capital of Canada, maybe even the world! And to celebrate that, there's the giant blueberry marking the turn off from the highway. It kind of looks like the Kool Aid man, with... Continue Reading →

Wild Blueberries

fingers stained with purplish blush reaping harvest from the brush thus begins the picking season no paid pickers on these hills and barrens bare of rakes and frills the buckets are the only tools and once they're filled with berry treasure overflowing a goodly measure at dusk the bounty is duly home then the humble... Continue Reading →

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