Unbearable redux

Company for Easter Sunday dinner leaves me with a repeat for today's NaPoWriMo; this entry originally appeared in August. >>I was doing research to ensure we didn't do anything to inadvertently invite our new ursine neighbours for dinner too. This safety guide provides great advice and one thing jumped out at me: "Be watchful at... Continue Reading →


Supper Snaps: BBQ

The weather has been so mild, we were inspired to fire up the barbecue: ribs, tenderloin, roasted corn & beets, baked sweet potatoes. Not that we wouldn't barbecue in the cold, being true Canadians. It's just easier when you don't have to wear gloves. I'd love to hear about your dinners!


Upon settling into our temporary home, in a fairly secluded cottage outside Victoria, one of the first things we did was have friends over for dinner. I'm big on all the gathering round the table and breaking bread business, and my girl friend is hilarious, and quite frankly, after an 11 day drive across the... Continue Reading →

Big (Pig) Day Downtown

Every year the Downtown Halifax Business Commission sponsors a promo called "Big Day Downtown". Local bloggers, armed with a VISA gift card, run wild downtown and blog about it. And this year I got an invite. Now, I have a confession. I work downtown, and as soon as I leave work, I beat a hasty retreat to... Continue Reading →

food haiku

caramelizing onion  red yellow green leek great four onion soup choc'late molten cake pours out its heart then empty is consumed with love fragrant aromas grill sizzles taste buds tingle barbecue ribs and steak

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