Little Italy, Big Flavours

Strolling through Baltimore's Little Italy, eyeballing menus posted outside inviting doors, listening to the rumblings growing ever louder in our tummies, a decision had to be made. We took the easy route and opted for La Scala, a restaurant my better travelled half had visited during the past summer, and had apparently promised the owner... Continue Reading →


Little Italy

Baltimore's Little Italy, no more than a few square blocks, lies just outside the Inner Harbour and is home to more restaurants per square foot than St. John's George Street has bars. (Okay that stat may be my own and not entirely official.) Each one has Old World curb appeal, inviting menus posted, and obviously... Continue Reading →

Crabby in Maryland, part 2: the Blue Crab

Callinectes sapidus means "Beautiful swimmer that is savory". The annual harvest of hard crabs from Chesapeake Bay accounts for over 50% of the total US blue crab catch Blue crabs are found from Nova Scotia to northern Argentina, are most abundant from Texas to Massachusetts Blue claw crab is reputed to be the sweetest of... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Bound

I’m heading down to Baltimore tomorrow, on vacation. And sure, there are great things to do there: it’s in easy driving distance of Washington DC, and Gettysburg. The National Aquarium is in Baltimore (I love aquariums), the USS Constellation, and the Edgar Allan Poe house. But what really gets me salivating is the thought of... Continue Reading →

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