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ALS Awareness Month: Self-Advocacy Pt 1, Methyl-B12

See that vial in the picture? That's a form of vitamin B12 called methylcobalamin, and I just started injecting it this week. Why? Well, here's a quote from ALS Worldwide, a patient advocacy site out of the US: "...the multi-year... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: Words to Live By

ALS Awareness Month: Mindfulness

Aware of the tiger that feeds relentlessly mercilessly stripping away muscle and sinew on his own timeline, indefatigable until gradually the bones are picked clean and his prey, completely consumed Aware of the warmth of the late spring sun clouds... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: Cha-Ching!

For a disease with a projected short lifespan and no cure, ALS sure costs a lot of money. A 2014 study indicated that on average, a Canadian ALS patient spent $32,337 annually (61% out of pocket). I think that's low,... Continue Reading →


May is a big month for awareness; ALS awareness, lupus awareness, myositis awareness... I understand the need for awareness. Awareness leads to donations to research to cure, ideally. And no one thing is deserving of awareness more than any other.... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness, Haiku

worse than yesterday, better than my tomorrows I live for today

You are getting sleeeepppyyyy…

When I was first diagnosed with ALS, the one thing I could not get under control was the fear. More than a fear actually, it was the sheer terror of knowing the horrific journey I was headed on, the gradual... Continue Reading →


Ruminations, post-Dx. Metamorphosis From weakness, sprang strength From insecurity, new confidence From rigidity, adaptiveness From agnosticism, faith From fear, resolve From cynicism, belief Belief in love Belief in life Belief in mindfulness Belief in myself Belief in good Emerging from... Continue Reading →


like water draining from a tub, with no return muscle strength declines

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