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Mindfulness, Haiku

worse than yesterday, better than my tomorrows I live for today

You are getting sleeeepppyyyy…

When I was first diagnosed with ALS, the one thing I could not get under control was the fear. More than a fear actually, it was the sheer terror of knowing the horrific journey I was headed on, the gradual... Continue Reading →


Ruminations, post-Dx. Metamorphosis From weakness, sprang strength From insecurity, new confidence From rigidity, adaptiveness From agnosticism, faith From fear, resolve From cynicism, belief Belief in love Belief in life Belief in mindfulness Belief in myself Belief in good Emerging from... Continue Reading →


like water draining from a tub, with no return muscle strength declines

Kicking off National Poetry Month, and the loo.

Here we are, Dear Reader, the start of National Poetry Writing Month. A poem a day for 30 days, is the challenge. In previous years, I've stuck to writing about food only but this year, I'm going to include other... Continue Reading →

World Building

Remember when you were a kid, and had that one favourite thing to play with or do? Maybe it was a particular toy, like Hot Wheels cars ("dinkies"), or a doll, or Legos. Maybe it was a particular activity, like... Continue Reading →

Are you there God? It’s me, Liz

Dear God, It seems odd writing to someone I'm not sure exists. I guess not too odd really, considering I did write letters to Santa for years. As you know, I suppose, I grew up Roman Catholic and was taught... Continue Reading →

What do you mean, it’s February?

I can't believe the last time I posted was early January, but I can't say I don't know where the time went. For the first time since diagnoses, I have been paralyzed with fear. Not general fear, but a very... Continue Reading →

Annus (and 1/2) Horribilis

So yeah, talk about understatement. The latter part of 2015, and all of 2016, were not good for our family. We lost both of our beloved Newfs and our cat, and of course there was my devastating diagnosis of ALS,... Continue Reading →

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