June is ALS Awareness Month: Quiz!

(Photo courtesy BC ALS Society, the BC Legislature lit up purple for ALS Awareness Month) How can it be, you ask? How can both May AND June be ALS Awareness Month? Our American friends tackle ALS in May, and here in Canada, June is ALS Awareness Month. And frankly, a disease this insidious needs all... Continue Reading →


ALS Awareness Month: Mindfulness

Aware of the tiger that feeds relentlessly mercilessly stripping away muscle and sinew on his own timeline, indefatigable until gradually the bones are picked clean and his prey, completely consumed Aware of the warmth of the late spring sun clouds drifting across the bluest of skies waves painting the shoreline in broad, lazy strokes yellow... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: Cha-Ching!

For a disease with a projected short lifespan and no cure, ALS sure costs a lot of money. A 2014 study indicated that on average, a Canadian ALS patient spent $32,337 annually (61% out of pocket). I think that's low, for many reasons, one of which is my own experience. I was diagnosed 11 months... Continue Reading →


May is a big month for awareness; ALS awareness, lupus awareness, myositis awareness... I understand the need for awareness. Awareness leads to donations to research to cure, ideally. And no one thing is deserving of awareness more than any other. I have friends who cope with chronic pain, with inclusion body myositis, with depression, with... Continue Reading →

Retro Poetry

While I have not been as diligent in posting daily as I have in other years, I do like to go out with a big finish. We have company from Newfoundland on the way, Mike's sister and her husband. I am very lucky to have the assorted in-laws that I do, and can't wait to... Continue Reading →

Long Winded

It was windy today, the high winds that bring out all the birds, as though the midway has come to town. They wheel and soar and hang in the currents, from the smaller denizens of the cove like the kingfishers and sparrows, to the gulls and eagles who hang ten above the water, then dive... Continue Reading →

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