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ALS Awareness: Last Word

Strip my bones, make sinews scream As muscles waste away Erode my independence, day by day Legs hang useless, arms grow weak Next, rip away my strength to speak Diaphragm slows, a struggle for breath.  ...I will lose, you'll have... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: What Would You Give?

Do me a favour, would you? Settle in somewhere comfortable, and set an alarm for, oh, five minutes or so. Now, for that five minutes, try not to move. Not your arms, legs, head, mouth, nothing. Not at all, only... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness: death stats

One thousand Canadians doesn't seem a lot, really. After all, 48,000 people will die from heart disease, and a staggering 78,800 will succumb to cancer in the same time frame. * But here's the difference. With cancer and heart disease,... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness: One Year In

Today marks the anniversaries of tragedy on large and small scales. D-Day, 2500 Allied lives lost. Shawnadithit, the last known Beothuk, died of tuberculosis. Certainly puts the day in perspective for me, because it's one year ago today for my... Continue Reading →

June is ALS Awareness Month: Quiz!

(Photo courtesy BC ALS Society, the BC Legislature lit up purple for ALS Awareness Month) How can it be, you ask? How can both May AND June be ALS Awareness Month? Our American friends tackle ALS in May, and here... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: Self Advocacy-Armoury Building for Mental Health (That's me on the ground in the header picture, back in the day. I am NOT in this fabulous Piano Guys video, though I'd love to be so talented) ALS Warrior is a descriptor I see used quite often,... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: Self-Advocacy Pt 1, Methyl-B12

See that vial in the picture? That's a form of vitamin B12 called methylcobalamin, and I just started injecting it this week. Why? Well, here's a quote from ALS Worldwide, a patient advocacy site out of the US: "...the multi-year... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: Words to Live By

ALS Awareness Month: Mindfulness

Aware of the tiger that feeds relentlessly mercilessly stripping away muscle and sinew on his own timeline, indefatigable until gradually the bones are picked clean and his prey, completely consumed Aware of the warmth of the late spring sun clouds... Continue Reading →

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