Actual Food for Thought

I’m coming off a very difficult week, one of the hardest weeks I’ve had for quite some time. With ALS, every time you lose the ability to do something to some degree it’s the disease asserting itself, reminding you that it will, in the end, win.

I’ve learned to deal with such losses by allowing myself to grieve, then move on, but for some reason I just could not shake the sadness for a full week. My usual coping mechanisms weren’t cutting it and I went to dark, dark places.

Looking back, I realize it was a combination of things: missing all the wonderful friend visits in September, feeling hormonal (yeah, menopause, which I can’t opt out of, sadly enough), and some other factors all combined for a perfect storm, a storm which I finally came through on Friday.

But one thing that has never faltered is my ability to comfort eat. Like most women, I’m an emotional eater, and a life-long weight battle has never stopped me from turning to my too favourite flavours for that comfort: sweetness and grease.

And in fact, one of the very few redeeming qualities of ALS is that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that those patients that do carry extra weight and can keep it on have better survival rates.

So yay me! I can eat all I want, and whatever I want, whenever I want! And while I try not to go way off the wagon, I admit to occasionally going wildly astray, and in the words of my friend Wenda, going so far off the wagon as have fallen underneath clinging to a wheel with a box of doughnuts. Or a full roast chicken.

And from where does this food now come? Well, after years of being married to a chef, food writer, restaurant critic and cookbook author, my husband Mike has clearly picked up a few tricks. In fact, I think he’s a better home cook than I ever was. A stream of delicious, occasionally adventurous, usually healthy, and always appreciated meals has kept me chugging along and fattened up like next year’s Thanksgiving turkey.

I think he won’t have any trouble finding his next wife 😉

Lamb chops with couscous and wilted spinach

Eggs Benedict

Stuffed red pepper with wild rice

Striploin with garlic seared shrimp


10 thoughts on “Actual Food for Thought

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  1. Sorry to hear you were having to endure a week of “the black”… happy to hear you rallied and pushed through it once again!



  2. Glad you’ve come through your difficult week! I can only imagine. You have clearly taught Mike well 😉 Hope this new week is a great one for you both 🙂


  3. I am so jeolous of your eating. But don’t stop posting. Yes your husband looks like an amazing cook. He definitely got it from you. I love the photos!


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