ALS Awareness: Last Word

Strip my bones, make sinews scream
As muscles waste away
Erode my independence, day by day

Legs hang useless, arms grow weak Next, rip away my strength to speak

Diaphragm slows, a struggle for breath. 

…I will lose, you’ll have my death

But until then, I won’t give in.          I’ll give you not one goddamn thing

As down this slippery slope I slide with heels dug in my battle cry        of hope and love, compassion and grace                                                    My sense of self and sense of faith

Those things, those things I won’t forsake                                                     Those things are things you cannot take                                                   Those things I will not let you take

For though this battle may seem futile and the outcome likely set                      I am not ready to concede,                no white flag to run up yet 

Strip my bones, make sinews scream                                                    As muscles fade away                           But don’t expect surrender, not today.  



5 thoughts on “ALS Awareness: Last Word

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  1. I feel so damned useless. What can one say to that post? Your articulate free verse hurts. Not trying to put guilt on your shoulders for making me slouch but Ouch!


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