It was windy today, the high winds that bring out all the birds, as though the midway has come to town. They wheel and soar and hang in the currents, from the smaller denizens of the cove like the kingfishers and sparrows, to the gulls and eagles who hang ten above the water, then dive for dinner.

The trees that line the sea side are like veterans at Remembrance Day parades-stooped with age, yet proud and dignified in their bearing. And the waves, lashing against the rocks, carving messages of erosion, lots of correspondence to tend to in windy weather.

You can’t really see the wind, but you sort of can, you know?


Whispering wind
Wailing wind
Summertime for sailing wind

Hurricane wind
Howling wind
Autumn leaves briskly blowing wind

Raging wind,
Railing wind
Winter whipping snowflake wind

Wafting wind
Wheezy wind
Springtime laundry breezy wind