I’m so excited, I have an old friend coming from the east coast to visit tomorrow. I’ve known D since the 1980’s, and while I could dig up a picture of that time to share, I’ll spare you all the horror of the big hair and neon clothes and whatnot.
To old friends!

Old friends are
as comfortable as warm blankets
as comfortable as well-worn sneakers
as comfortable as a cat by the fire on a rainy night
as comfortable as a grandmother’s rocking chair lap

Old friends are
as welcome as a breeze whispering past a curtain on a summer night
as welcome as the leaves changing colour for an east coast autumn
as welcome as the crisp promise of winter’s new snow
as welcome as the first crocus pushing up through spring earth

Old friends are
like the warmth of the morning’s first cup of tea
like the warmth of the unconditional love of a puppy
like the warmth of the sun on an Adirondack chair by the lake
like the warmth of flannel pyjamas on Christmas eve

Old friends are
always welcome
always appreciated
always close in the heart
always loved