Tomorrow is the start of cruise ship season here in our little corner of the world. I can’t help but be fascinated by these behemoths of the seas, mainly because our view lines up with their approach to the harbour, so I get to see them pretty darn close as they make their way to port.

I have family and dear friends that love cruising, but I’ve never felt the lure of the cruise ship. A combination of an old episode of Quincy ME, Love Boat reruns, and Dateline NBC specials regarding people that go overboard mysteriously has me convinced they’re all- well, you’ll see in today’s NaPoWriMo entry.

Bad News Cruise

These floating villages of the seas
that so many enjoy–they’re not for me.

The bountiful buffets piled so high
With exotic cuisine and tropical fruits
All I can see is botuli,
With salmonella in cahoots

The blue green water of swimming pools
Enticing, yes, tis true
But you know some kids will have broken rules
And have used it for a loo

A moonlit stroll, an unoccupied deck
Seems like such a romantic notion
Til a vengeful lover breaks your neck
And dumps you into the ocean

Nope, these floating villages aren’t for me,
Too bad, c’est dommage!
But to friends and family bound for sea,
I wish you Bon Voyage!

When you look out your front door as your ship comes in.