Perspective: Bed Lift

There’s now a long track running across our bedroom ceiling, over our bed. It’s where a very strong motor lives, and when we hook up a sling to a motor, I can get in and out of bed with no heavy lifting.
And, by myself! img_8325
We don’t need this piece of equipment just yet; we have quite a high bed and it’s easy for me to slide out of in the morning, but I do need help at night. So far, we manage quite well with Mike lifting my leg up and tipping me over in a move my Occupational Therapist Deanna calls “unorthodox”, but it works for us.
But because it has a sling with many straps and loops, and it has to be positioned just so, we needed some practice with it before we actually needed it.
Now, this bed lift means that there’s yet another thing I can’t do, another loss, another step closer to being, well, dead. But as I said in my previous “Perspective” posts, I don’t think of it as that. I think of it as another thing to make our lives easier, another way to save energy that I can use elsewhere.
Besides, it’s fun! I enjoy the feeling of being suspended in the air; not only does it relieve pressure from my legs and butt (a note about that–a wide load does not make sitting most of the time easier, despite my belief that it would) so yeah, it relieves pressure, I can hoist myself up and down and there are controls on the motor itself (not just the remote), making hollow Mike’s threats of leaving me hanging up there, and I can just hang there quite comfortably (sling cradles my whole body) thinking about other things that dangle from high places. I can travel the world, imagining myself as an aye-aye in Madagascar, A Costa Rican sloth, or just a really content Vancouver Island raccoon.
It’s a magical sling, and I’m sticking to that.


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  1. Wow, I am just catching up on all this. I don’t know what to say, probably it will be something dumb. You’re writing is so raw and honest and quite inspiring. Keep being who you are through it all. Thanks for sharing it all and I understand how cathartic writing can be.

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  2. Well, that fact that you can use it on your own is really interesting to me. Dick is using a Liko Lift for me. But he operates it. Really pisses (sorry) me off that I need to be hoisted from chair to bed to commode etc etc. But of course it is much better than being bed ridden. So hush up MJ and be thankful for the small things. Love you kiddo!

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    1. Awwww, MJ, do not tell yourself to hush up. You’re adorable and fabulous! Yes, if you have arm strength at all you can operate the one I use, which was key to me because I want to maintain any independence for as long as I can, and going to the toilet by myself is pretty important.Much love back to you! ❤


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