So yeah, talk about understatement. The latter part of 2015, and all of 2016, were not good for our family. We lost both of our beloved Newfs and our cat, and of course there was my devastating diagnosis of ALS, all of which is making me believe we were terrible, terrible people in a former life. Maybe we were Genghis and Mrs. Khan or someone. I dunno.

On the one hand, I’m glad to see the end of 2016, yet on the other hand, not overly happy to ring in a New Year. You just can’t leave a terminal condition behind, it comes right along with you, sticking to your shoe like those little reminders that not everyone cleans up after themselves in a dog park.

But in spite of it all, there was some pretty darned good stuff that happened too.
My faith in humanity was restored, by gestures grand and seemingly small. Friends showed their true colours, and my husband and I navigated those first few months of complete and utter turmoil with our relationship intact. He is the reason I continue to fight to enjoy my life, however and for as long as I can. Sappy as that sounds, there’s a reason for it: I always joked that I married him for his pension, and now that he’s so close to getting it, there’s no way I’m not going to be around for at least some of it.

WARNING! CLICHES AHEAD! I found an inner core of strength I didn’t know I had, pulling me out of the dark days. I learned to live day to day, to practice mindfulness, and stop and smell the roses.
It’s about appreciating what I have, celebrating what I can do, and not dwelling on losses, past or future.

See the picture below? That geriatric stripper pole is my floor-to-ceiling lift-assist, decorated for Christmas like everything else, full of lights.
My resolve is to celebrate everything in 2017, be it that pole or (with some scientific advancement) an end to the reason for it. Or at least, cover it all with lights.


In the meantime, good reader, I thank you with all my heart (which like The Grinch, has grown three sizes) for following along, and I’ll do my best to drag you through 2017 with honesty, humour, and love. ❤