The Other Shoe Dropping…

After 6 weeks of mental torture, we made our way to Vancouver today to see the ALS specialist. 

At best, a sliver of hope that perhaps the original diagnosis was wrong. At worst, she would be telling us something we already knew. 

Then, a few days ago, I was gripped with a sense of impending doom-there would be worse news coming, I was sure of it. 

Sure enough, it was as I anticipated. Based on my decline, the doctor confirmed that yes, I was moving in a faster progression than the average. 

It was a shock, and yet not. In some ways a weight is lifted- there is nothing more I can hear about it, and nothing more I can do about it. 

I am right now, as the song goes, comfortably numb. 


One thought on “The Other Shoe Dropping…

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  1. I think more than ever, most of us are a little speechless. It is impossible to say the right thing because there is no right thing to say.. This is the time to feel, and instead of,offering words, we offer our hearts. There will always be a piece of my heart that belongs to you. You have offered me your affection and your words on several occasions, and they have always brought comfort. Just know that I, and all who love you, are there in spirit, loving you and holding you in our hearts. I pray a lot; more these past years than at any other time. I feel helpless because that is all I can do. Being human and finite is such a pain in the ass at times like this.


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