NaPoWriMo: Fabulous Fishcakes

Hard for me to believe that it was lucky 13 years ago that Fabulous Fishcakes was released. It was my first cookbook, and opened the door for five more. I was the food critic for the Coast ( at the time, and I had the opportunity handed to me—very lucky break indeed.

It was my first collaboration with the amazing Scott Munn (, my first crack at food styling, my first time kitchen testing recipes on a large scale, and converting chefs’ recipes to recipes for the home cook.
We ate a lot of fishcakes in the making of this book. And one thing was quite clear: tart them up, dress them down, fishcakes are versatile, tasty, and easy.
All you need is three components—well, here, let’s rhyme about it.

The Humble Fishcake

If you wish for cakes of fish
Of any shape or kind
I’ve got a dish for cakes of fish
For whatever you’ve in mind

Pick your fish whichever you wish
Halibut haddock or hake
Or pick a shellfish if you wish
If that’s what you want to make

Now season your fish however you wish
With herbs or spices or more
Enhance your fish, it’s your special dish
Don’t be afraid to explore

A binder is swish for cakes of fish
To keep a very neat cake
Whatever you do it must work like glue
To hold the shape you make

Heat up the pan as quick as you can
And fry your fishcakes through
Then gobble your wish, your cakes of fish
Created uniquely by you.


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