NaPoWriMo: When Eggs Fry

With apologies to Prince, RIP.


Dig if you will the picture
Of pan, high heat engaged on the stove
The melt of the butter covers it
Can you hear sizzle,
As it starts to foam?

Dream if you can the egg yolk
A circle of gold in the pan
Egg white halo frames sunny center
Turn up the heat
Flip the egg gently as you can

How can you just leave it standing?
Alone on the plate with no toast? (no toast?)
Maybe I’m just too demanding
But get that bread down haste, post! (haste, post!)
Maybe you’ll dip into the yolk
Watch liquid gold run to sides
Taste it, you’re in love it’s no joke (no joke)
This is what it feels like
When eggs fry


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