NaPoWriMo: Spilled

One of my favourite things about National Poetry Writing Month is the inspiration to experiment with many poetic forms, and today’s offering is another out of the ordinary for me.
Concrete, pattern, or shape poetry involves laying out the text to reflect the subject. Although the term ‘concrete’ is new, shape poetry is quite old, appearing as early as as 2nd BCE Greece.



The bottle, unsettled by some perceived slight
Throws itself to its side in a fit of pique and rolls
Ominously onwards towards tables’ edge, tacitly threatening
To spill. Secrets shared, memories made, passion
kindled, love torn asunder & stitched together,

yet another
still another,

until the stories bleed into each other and pool
on the floor, light reflecting liquid, contrasting matte darkness
illuminating sparkling happiness,
of lives well lived


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