NaPoWriMo: Hospital Food?

I spent a few days in the hospital this past week, having extensive tests done to pin down a diagnosis for a suspected autoimmune disease that is not nearly interesting as my observation that just about everything I encountered reminded me of food.
I present some pictorial evidence:

Asian pear wrapping, IV line protection--just alike, right?
Asian pear wrapping, IV line protection–just alike, right?

Hospital Food?

Tech arrives, drawing blood
Test tubes lined on tray
Looking like shooters set up for
Graduation party day

Claustrophobic MRI
Squeezed into the hole
Feeling like the meaty fill of
a cocktail sausage roll

CAT scan tube so big and white
A Lifesaver mint so wide
With me the fresh breath middle
Centered just inside

Upper torso X-rays next
With radiation bib
All I can think is bbq sauce
In case of a spare rib!

Urine samples left and right
Watch as it stored, and where
Don’t put it near the apple juice
I think I’ll wrap up here. 🙂


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