Last week, while on a photography outing, my friend Stella and I stopped for lunch at Adrienne’s Tea Room. Afternoon tea is a big stinking deal around Victoria, a lingering Colonial tradition, and I am all about many small bites instead of a major commitment to one type of food, so of course that’s what I ordered.

It seems fitting that I kick off National Poetry Writing Month with tea, as that’s what I wrapped with last April.

Afternoon Tea Nonnet*

Steeped in tradition the afternoon
ritual arrives on two tiers
laden with enticing bites
of sweet and savoury.
an unreserved child
I clap with glee
this suits me
to a

(*A nonnet is nine lines, with the first line being nine syllables, the next line eight and so on until the last line of one syllable, and typically in iambic meter.)