Sunday Small Bites

A weekly roundup of tasty tidbits for your eatertainment!

When I set about writing A Real Newfoundland Scoff, my most personal project, I had no idea of how it would be received. I have been amazed and humbled by the interest and support in the book, and so many folks had asked about a getting a signed copy that I ordered a stock from my publisher, in order to send those out direct and fulfill these requests.
A Real Newfoundland Scoff is available on the East Coast in multiple outlets including Chapters, and online via, but I do have a couple of copies left if you would like a signed one. Email me: liz (at) foodcritic (dot) ca for details.
And thank you, so much, for that continued interest. Why don’t you all come over for dinner? I’ll cook!

Bath snacks! Long-suffering chronic insomniacs like myself know the benefits of a warm bath; it’s relaxing, soothing, cleansing, and aromatherapeudic with the right potions and lotions.
My late night soak typically involves a bottle of water and a granola bar, with iPhone entertainment. Tonight, however, I indulged in a cup of mango lassi, leftover from last night’s Indian feast, and a chocolate bar from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. Oh Me Nerves, in fact.
My favourite tub viewing is River Monsters episodes (“I’m Jeremy Wade, biologist and extreme angler…”), although I’ve taken to listening to Halifax Examiner podcasts. (A must for anyone interested in Halifax news).
Over at the Kitchn, I found an older post on bath snacks, check it out here. Now tell me all about your bath snacks!

Last night’s dinner guests brought along this beautiful cake lifter. Remember last week I wrote about kitchen gadgets? This is one of those instances where lack of use does not translate to uselessness; this lovely piece of art may never see a piece of cake (that remains to be determined), but will always serve (see what I did there?) as a reminder of our West Coast sojourn. You can see more Victoria-based Spirals artsy pieces here.

Coming up this week: More radical Jackson Martin cupcakes, an off-topic cautionary tale, and a restaurant review.


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