Sunday Small Bites

A weekly roundup of tasty tidbits for your eatertainment!

In both the Glass Half Full and When Life Gives You Lemons categories:

After an especially long and arduous East Coast winter, my sister-in-law refuses to let a little of the leftover white stuff spoil a sunny day. Relaxing on her cabin deck in Birchy, Newfoundland, she uses the pristine snow as ice for her gin and tonic. Cheers Denise!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the “Swineapple“:

Pineapple, stuffed with pork ribs and wrapped in bacon–c’mon on, you know you want to try it! I know I will, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

And if you think the pressure’s on cooking for mere mortals, imagine cooking for royalty! Even anti-monarchists should find this behind the scenes account of a former royal chef interesting: A Palace Chef here!

Finally, this guy proves that not everyone is taking food too seriously. He’s ranked the 27 best Pop-Tart flavours–who knew there were that many? Now I want one…


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