Supper Snaps: Fundraisers to NASCAR snax to BC pot, it’s all here!

And so the Supper Snaps series comes to an end; thanks to everyone that shared their pictures over the past few months. I’ve enjoyed chronicling dinners, but I’ve been using the idea as a crutch; instead of buckling down for some writing, I just whack up the picture and poof, done.

For our final instalment, I present an assortment of things that have come in over the weekend, a buffet, if you will, of images.

Convenient comfort food: Shake and Bake chicken, with store-bought cheesy scalloped potatoes, StoveTop stuffing, and asparagus. Hey, at least the asparagus was fresh!

Over at my sister’s place, they were getting ready for the NASCAR race with some pretty upscale snacks. SweetpochipsSweet potato chips with aioli for dipping, and pizza using portobello mushrooms as the base. Neat, and gluten free!pizza

My friend Catherine’s supper features, as usual, fabulous vegetables from Taproot Farms. Roast pork with homemade hunter sauce, another perfect winter supper.

And now for the BC pot:
I treated myself to these commercial type saucepans, all the better to remind me of a professional kitchen. Now, having great utensils doesn’t make one a great chef just as having a nice set of tools won’t make you a carpenter, but it sure will help you get the most of the skills you do have.
These pots are a great, mid-range price–they work hard and you don’t have to worry about spoiling their good looks.

Saving the best for last, a private Seattle home was the site of a gala fundraising dinner in support of the Newf Club Seattle Rescue. This combines two of my favourite things–Newfoundland dog rescue, and great food. Sadly, my plans to attend this year’s dinner crumbled at the last minute, but thanks to my friend Marylou, I have pictures and descriptions to share.

From top left to bottom, as per Marylou:

Beet salad, arugula, ricotta cheese, pepitas. Accompanied with a Balboa 2013 Chardonnay

Sea Scallop on a bed of pulled pork and crispy tortilla. Paired with a Dama Nation 2010 GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre). Mary – the winemaker from Dama Nation joined us for dinner and described the berry floral notes beautifully.

Pork Belly with fish sauce, jicama and charred green onion, served with a lovely VaPiano 2012 Syrah

Hangar Steak topped with Mt Tam triple cream cheese with roasted red potatoes, shallot and port sauce. Accompanied by the very nice Sleight of Hand 2012 Illusionist

Beyond description – a chocolate cake in a flaky crust topped by mocha creme and salted caramel….yum.

That all sounds amazing doesn’t it? If you’re planning on being in Seattle next year at this time, I can provide more information on this dinner. Great food for a great cause can’t be beat!


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