Supper Snaps: Company’s Coming!

Special guests warrant special dinners, and I decided to work from my Italian repertoire. One of my favourite cuisines, it lends itself to family style dishes with make-ahead preparation and no fuss so that the cook can enjoy the company instead of hovering over the stove.
I didn’t get a lot of finished product pictures for just that reason–I was enjoying the evening.

The full menu was:
Zuppa de Pesci (Seafood soup)
Antipasti platter
Chicken picatta
Lamb chops
Albacore tuna loin
Risotto alla Milanese
Eggplant parmigiana
Roasted asparagus
And some store-bought rosemary foccacia bread, cannoli, and biscotti :).

Ingredients laid out
Ingredients laid out
Local lamb chops marinating
Local lamb chops marinating
Seafood soup
Seafood soup

Some other folks were busy in their kitchens too. My nephew “The Doctah” is entertaining his parents in Texas, and served up this Thai Red Curry with Grouper–such a fragrant dish, with complex heat, I’ll bet it was amazing.

And from Catherine, who made the best of being storm-bound in Nova Scotia with this Valentine-themed Devil’s food cake. I thought she should stick to Angel food cake, being a United Church minister and all, but there’s no arguing with how delicious this cake looks–dare I say sinfully delish?

What did YOU have for supper?


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