IMG_1320New Year’s Eve, we traditionally have several small snacks throughout the evening (rather than a large meal); tonight we’re going to a hockey game and so a light supper was in order (to better accommodate the range of overpriced concession stand foods that one must consume to feel part of the action). I hauled out the leftovers for this charcuterie-style board or in our family’s parlance, a “pick tray”.
Clockwise, roughly, from bottom left: brie, leftover water crackers, wild smoked salmon, smoked mussels, pate, liverwurst, Branson’s pickle, High Rock antipasto (Circle Canning out of Esquimalt makes this, I found it at a craft sale and was hooked), hot cured salami, pickled onion.
The bread is the peasant loaf from Portofino’s European Bakery here on Vancouver Island, and is our go-to white bread. Rather than go out and buy a baguette, I just cut the leftover bread lengthwise, then into thin slices.
What did you have for supper?