I started out the month with a lofty goal–to take part in National Novel Writing Month and to put at least 50K words out by December 1. In conjunction, I would also take on NaBloWriMo, and post to this blog daily. That was the easy part.
Turns out the despite having all the time in the day I could ask for (or maybe because of that?) I am nowhere near the goal of 50k words, and unless I can churn out thousands of words by Monday, I am not going to win NaNoWriMo this year.
But although my focus has unraveled, I want to finish the horror manuscript I started, I just need to get back on track.
And last night, I got just the shot of inspiration I needed to get Silvern Voices talking to me again.

The Empress Hotel
The Empress Hotel

We stopped by the Empress Hotel, to see our family visitors off. The Empress, like the hotel upon which the physical model of Silvern Voices’ Constellation is built, is also a former national railway hotel, an historic property laden with character. Unlike the Constellation’s inspiration, the Empress has had her air of grand elegance maintained, and as we made our way to our nephew’s suite, I could feel that palpable sense of presence, eerily familiar.
The Empress is much larger than the Constellation, and we walked through a maze of hallways, some ending abruptly, others veering off in seemingly random directions. Wide halls, patterned wallpaper, crown mouldings and archways–it wouldn’t have surprised me if we’d bumped into a set of twins anywhere along our route. Or, actually, a couple in period dress, heading out for an evening.
And so while I didn’t win NaNoWriMo, I don’t feel like I lost. As I continue to let the Voices tell their tale, I’ll continue to share from time to time.
Thank you for reading.