One of THOSE days
One of THOSE days

Sometimes, the day just gets away from me and I’m left trying to shift into food writing gear from horror mode, and it’s not working. And I don’t have another excerpt fit to share just yet, so I present to you some of my favourite food links.

Back in April, Flavorwire featured Lawrie Brown’s colourful food photos. They’re delightful, and you should check them out here.

Looking for something food-related to read? Goodreads has amazing food book lists, grouped into categories like “Best Traveling Vicariously” and “Foodie Romances” (really!)

For those with adventurous tastes, check out the (UK) Telegraph’s 20 Strange Foods to Try Before You Die ; aside from the more common Rocky Mountain Oysters, the slideshow is filled with things not for the faint of stomach.

Expensive tastes more your thing? This Eater piece from last year spotlights “18 of the Most Outrageously Expensive Dishes and Drinks” Yeah, I could throw 750.00 for a cupcake.