Craft Fair Haul


Took a break from the horror of the horror writing to check out a local Christmas Craft Fair, and scored big. Seasonal fairs are a great place to find local food products, and this one was no exception. Best thing? Samples. Craft shows, everyone waves around samples. None of this cold, impersonal reading of jar labels in the supermarket, no sir. These folks are proud of their products, happy to share, and eager to chat about the hows and whys their stuff is so good.

These are the most amazing pickled carrots ever, and the jar is already empty :(
These are the most amazing pickled carrots ever, and the jar is already empty 😦
The garlicky hit of these pickled carrots was the perfect balance of zingy and tart, without leaving the inside of your mouth feeling like the Sahara. They’re made by Thelma, based in Abbotsford and an excellent reason to get the ferry.

These would make great gifts, but being far from family, with bottles not being easy to ship, I think these will just be gifts under my own tree. Actually, in my fridge, cause I don’t think any of them will last till Christmas.

Like this fudge, from the good people of Beaver House Fudge. When we passed by the booth, I took a sample because the root beer flavour looked interesting. I generally don’t care for fudge–find it too cloying, much too sweet. Typically, the texture is gritty and just looking at it makes my teeth feel like they’re rotting. Not this stuff–it’s smooth, creamy, and crazy addictive. Beaver House Fudge is why fudge tasting boards should be a thing, and not just in my kitchen.

Based on what I found at this fair, I’m already excited for the next one–if not to find something new, at least to replenish my pickled carrot supply.


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