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The wind last night died as quickly as it had come up, leaving a calm night that belied the earlier havoc. I caught this moon with a quick smart phone snap, and I’m sharing as part of my post of bits and pieces. Which is what this all about tonight, bits and pieces, odds and sods. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day–if yesterday was too dark and stormy to write about horror, today was too bright and warm, leaving me feeling a bit like Goldilocks.
I did get some work on the novel done, but couldn’t get on a good roll so turned to doing research (something the really savvy NaNoWriMo’ers do well before November). And kind of forgot a post was due as well, so here you go, a smattering of links and other things that went on today.

In the category of gun-jumping, I started wondering what a soundtrack to my unwritten book adapted for the screen would sound like. Looking for music, Slate’s quiz on Horror Movie Scores provided a fun diversion.

Inspiration for the Constellation’s interior was seen in these vintage shots, which are very romantic and conjure up all sorts of ideas for other stories.

Gratuitous cat picture:

EdCat, asking why there are SO many knives on the wall...
EdCat, asking why there are SO many knives on the wall…

And with apologies to anyone who actually believes this creature exists, some of these Bigfoot reports are hilarious.

On the way home from a mid-morning appointment, I went in search of breakfast, and found the Sunnyside Cafe. Tucked in the bottom of a larger building, with it’s all-day breakfast and tiny seating area, I enjoyed one of their many variations on Eggs Benedict: the Saxe Point Benny. This was a half-order, and it was fabulous, with plenty of smoked salmon and capers, and a delish hollandaise.

And eat magazine has these 20 Foodie fall things to do in Victoria–lots of interesting things on that list!

There, post complete. And to all, a good night.


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