Silvern Voices-Opening Scene

Yesterday’s writer’s block had vapourized by this morning. Finally unlocked by focusing on something completely different, in this case an updated smartphone, the words have been running all day. So much so that instead of getting off the novel train of thought to board another, I’m going to offer the opening scene as my blog post today.
This is a draft only, as November is for writing and December for editing, but I would love to hear your feedback.

“Well hello there Miss Katie, time to head out?” The little girl smiled up at the man leaning over the long mahogany desk. Curling her blond ringlet with a finger, she nodded. “Thank Mr. Reynolds for taking such good care of us, my love” prompted her mother. “It was my pleasure, young lady, and hope we’ll see you again soon.”
While her mother continued checking out, Katie gazed around the Constellation’s lobby. The tall marble columns and crystal chandeliers reminded her of a castle, and her mind wandered to thoughts of ponies and tiaras before-what was that?
Something moved, down the hallway towards the restaurant, an undefined shadow. Katie tugged her mother’s hand. “What is it, honey?” “Something just went–”
“Mrs Jackman, your car is ready”. Thanking the valet, she took the key and rummaged in her purse for Gus’ tip.
“Katie, why don’t you go say goodbye to Janeway?”
Shadow forgotten, Katie headed over to see the lobby dog. “Bye, Janeway” she said, extending her hand. The Newfoundland offered her massive paw gently to the little girl for a shake, as she did all of the guests, before settling back onto her navy and silver blanket.


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