Newf Nibbles: In Which Fleur Assists With a Cookbook Review

One of the best things about moving to the West Coast has been the warm welcome from the Newfoundland dog community out here. Generous with advice, recommendations, and time, these folks have made us feel at home with our dogs.
I had occasion to visit one of these lovely people, and we got to talking about what I did. Once she heard I was a food writer, she asked if I had a copy of the Newfoundland cookbook. My mind of course went to the many Newfoundland (the province) books I owned–but this one was something different.


Jenny gifted me with a copy of “Culinary Concoctions & Newfy Nibbles”, a cookbook compiled by members of the forum, and all proceeds went back to rescue and health programs of the Newfoundland Club of America. I am delighted to have this book, combining two of my favourite things, in my collection.

The book is divided into three sections: the people recipes, about 3 dozen dog recipes, and a small selection of photos and stories, both humorous and heartwarming.
There’s a broad variety of people recipes, written in folksy, lighthearted ways (Meatloaf-that-even-the-kids-like, Greg’s Colorful Poop Chili). Appetizer to desserts to drinks are covered, with plenty of Newf humour and silliness spread throughout (Newfucius Says he who has Newfie in kitchen gets a good lickin’). All good fun, and there are plenty of recipes that look great too.

Fleur: My turn? My turn? It’s my turn to write now Mom right?

Fleur: Mom went to see this lady who has dogs. She came home smelling like OTHER dogs drool, an I don’t like THAT. But she had this book see? A cookbook! And it has dog recipes in it see? An I LOVES to eat so YAY!
There’s Newf Breakfast Bars, I could eat breakfast! There’s Beef and Barley Bites, I like beef and barley! Well, beef anyway. Mom what’s barley??
There’s cake and liver brownies! I don’t like liver but I bet it’s some good in brownies! Mom, you gonna make me some of that? We haven’t had homemade treats since we moved! C’mon Mom! How about a batch of Snickerpoodles???? Bet even Jack would like those!
Fleur:I give this book 4 paws up!!!!

And there you have it. It seems that at last, I have a cookbook that I will actually prepare something from–I’m sure I, or Fleur, will let you know how it goes.


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