Dog Days: In which Fleur explores Whiffen Spit Park


Fleur: Hi! I had a BIG adventure today! An’ I wanted to tell you all about it! And Jack wasn’t there because he didn’t wanna get up in the truck, and it’s because he’s OLDER but I’m not old yet so I got to go!
Across from my house we can see this lighthouse and Mommy said it’s a “dog-friendly” park! I’m a dog! I’m friendly! So we went over there!IMG_6225

An’ when we got here, I saw a LOT of dogs! And right there in front of my very eyes was a Landseer like baby Jack! Her name is Emily and she is SEVEN today! I sat for a birthday picture with her and her friend Lucy, and their mom made a BIG fuss over me and said I was BEAUTIFUL! Which I AM! So that Mommy is a smart Mommy like mine! But Mommy made such a fuss over her–Mommy, I’M the prettiest, ask Grandma Dee!


We walked WAY out the LIGHT! We saw LOTS of people on the way an’ this woman said to Mommy “Are you taking your bear for a walk?” and I looked around for a bear but there wasn’t any just me! And Mommy laughed but that same laugh when people ask her how big our poop is! The polite laugh!
Then some animals came by I hadn’t seen before! I barked and barked but Mommy said they were horses and nothing to be afraid of. And one of the ladies on the horses said “Well look at you, you’re almost as big as a pony yourself!”
Then a girl came by an’ said “Your dog is not gonna eat mine, is he?” What kind of dog was that Mommy? Started with F? (Yorkshire Terrier, Fleur) No Mommy I think you said an F-word!
(do you want to finish this or not Fleur?)
Anyway, I was insulted because FIRST of all I’m CLEARLY a GIRL, and second I wouldn’t want to EAT that thing–all that long hair caught in my teeth, yuck!
So we looked over at my house from this side then we started back.

And I got to swim LOTS! It took us two times as long to walk back because I swam lots!

And then the BEST part, because Mommy stopped at the store to get us beef jerky treats.
I took some home to Jack. I told him ALL about our adventure so he will be SURE to want to go next time!


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