Cottage Drawers

Cottage kitchen drawers are interesting; they can tell you a little of who stayed there before you, and lead you on flights of fancy as to what they ate–no? Just me?
There are certain things that are always present (or should be, if the rental advertises itself as ‘fully equipped’). IMG_5919IMG_5914
A basic set of utensils? Of course! Although these are the most brightly coloured I’ve ever seen. A Swiss Army knife and corkscrew? Yes indeedy; the corkscrew, essential for the romantic getaway.
Measuring cups and spoons have been in every cottage we’ve ever rented; I’m not exactly sure why. Do people go to baking camp? Are measurements key to precisely flavour cookout food? But nevertheless, they are always there and so not unusual to find out here. Likewise the wire whisk–I can’t think of anything cottage-related that a fork couldn’t do just as well, but they do seem to appear so someone must think they’re a good idea.
Then there are the things that are fun little extras, that you could do without but could perhaps come in handy–I give you, the pizza cutter and the silicone bbq brush:




And then, as I rooted through the drawer, things got a little more specialized.
The shellfish pickers on the left, I’ve seen in East Coast cabins for getting the knuckle meat out of lobster and I’m sure here on the West Coast, they do wonders at scooping crab legs. And from the looks of this lovely oyster shucker, I’m guessing a lot of oysters were eaten here at some point. Perhaps the oyster shucker should be paired with the corkscrew?


Carrying on in the specialized seafood utensils, there’s a very nice thingy that used for pulling the pin bones from fish, especially salmon. A lot of professional cooks have them in their toolboxes, but this is the first one I’ve seen in a cottage.And really? Not one, but TWO lemon zesters?


By far, three of the oddest cottage kitchen drawer finds I’ve ever made:
The first, this old-school cake decorators tube, complete with piping tips.
Now, I can sort of see where maybe you were here with the kids, and one of them was having a birthday, and wouldn’t it be fun to decorate the cake yourself? But these last two?
Top, a boiled egg slicer
Bottom, a melon baller
I don’t know what sort of parties these previous occupants were having, but they have to be the swankiest campers ever.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in your cottage drawers?


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  1. And I forgot to mention what the cottage drawer did NOT have–a vegetable peeler OR a paring knife. I could decorate a cake, or shuck an oyster, but heaven forbid I need to peel a carrot! 🙂


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