Road Trip: Mission BC to Victoria BC (The end of the road)

Fleur: Sleepy head! Get up! Last day on the road! GET UP GET UP GET UP!
Jack: I’m tired.

Fleur: We left Mission and went for a boat ride! It was the ferry to Vancouver Island! We were on it!
Jack: Yes, yes, we were.
Fleur: Here we are at the terminal! There was vending machines RIGHT NEXT to us but I didn’t have any change!
Jack: (eye roll)
Fleur: Then we got off the boat and saw this sign!

Fleur: Our new house isn’t ready! We’re going to be living on the ship with Daddy!
Jack: No we’re not.
Fleur: We’re not?
Jack: No we’re not. We’re going to be in military quarters. Not on a ship.
Fleur: Oh.
Jack: We’re hanging out here for a few weeks. It’s a place called East Sooke.
Fleur: Mommy says I am Daddy’s sook! This place is named after ME!
Jack: No it’s not.
Fleur: We went swimming! In the other ocean from our old house!

Fleur: There were geese! Canada geese! I don’t know what they taste like but I’d like to see!
Jack: No you wouldn’t.
Jack: I like driftwood.

Fleur: Then we went swimming again later! We have to walk across a bridge to get to the beach and it’s fun! Maybe it’s that Rainbow Bridge!
Jack: (side-eye) No, it’s not. Really, it’s not.

And so the journey of Jack & Fleur’s Road Trip comes to a close, 6049 km and 8 provinces away from where it all began. Thank you for following along, it’s been quite an adventure, and we enjoyed the company.



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