Road Trip: Revelstoke BC to Mission BC

Fleur: We got up this morning in the Rockies! And tomorrow we’ll be at the end of our trip! And we had a hamburger and Jack didn’t want his half so I had ALL of it! What a great day!
Jack: It was hot.
Fleur: We drove along the Columbia River! There wasn’t anywhere for us to get in and Mommy thought we might get swept away so no swimming!
Jack: It was hot.
Fleur: Then we saw this and it turned out that it’s like the desert! It’s a town called Kamloops and they have something called a rain shadow so it’s super dry!
We got out to pee but had to get RIGHT back in because RATTLESNAKES!
Jack: It was hot.
Fleur: Then we stopped at a town called Merritt for our lunch. Mommy thought it was really charming and full of Western character and Daddy didn’t like it so much he said it was the Lower Sackville of British Columbia. I don’t know what that means. But there were murals everywhere because it’s the Country Music Capital of Canada! It really is! Elvis was on a building! He liked peanut butter and banana sandwiches! I LOVE peanut butter! I love bananas! I’m all shook up over Elvis!
Jack: It was 34C. It was hot.
Fleur: Then we got to the Fraser Valley and they grow stuff! They had one of these drive throughs but I’m not allowed to have corn because it just poops out!
Jack: (side-eye)
Fleur: Tomorrow we are going for a boat ride to our new home! I’m excited!
Jack: It’s hot. I’m going to sleep.


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