Seeing as how we are making our way across the country with our 2 Newfoundland dogs, there’s not a lot of exciting eating going on. Can’t exactly head out to a trendy restaurant, or take a side trip for some undiscovered diner, when you have two huge furry traveling companions, and they can’t pass as assistance dogs, unless they are helping with sleep therapy. So, to help keep them entertained, I’m going to let Jack & Fleur tell their own stories. When we get settled in Victoria, we’ll return to regularly scheduled food blogging. 

(l) Pattes Douces Jack Bauer (r) Tow Line Fleur de Lis

Jack: Day 3 on the road, and we’re in Sudbury, Ontario, home of the Big Nickel.
Fleur: Whaddya mean, big NICKEL? I thought you said big PICKLE? I thought we were getting kosher deli for dinner! Can you eat NICKEL? What’m I s’posed to do with a NICKEL? What’re we having for SUPPER?????
Jack: (gives Fleur side-eye) Remember when that Queen song came on today and Mom told Dad it was your song?

Fleur: I’m rubber and you’re glue, it bounces off me and sticks to you!
Jack: (sighs)
Fleur: We went swimming! There were little fish in the water! I couldn’t catch them! There were small dogs! I couldn’t catch them either! But I didn’t try!
Jack: (sighs)

Fleur: We’re going to see that nickel in the morning. I don’t need to see it, now that I know it’s not a pickle. When will we get to BC? Will they have pickles there? Will we be there tomorrow? Where were we yesterday? I forgot already. Did we have supper yesterday?

Jack: (big sigh) In Ottawa, remember? The capital of the country? Mom and Dad wanted to eat at that restaurant that chef who used to work with Mommy owns. But we all ate in the hotel.

Fleur: No they didn’t! They said that was AWFUL!

Jack: Not awful, they said it served offal.

If you’re not traveling with dogs: Murray Street Grill

And if you are, there’s nothing like the gentle exhale of snoring puppies after a long day on the road.