Three of my favourite folks from my day job took me out for lunch on Friday to celebrate my last day. We headed over to Piatto, and it was fantastic–as usual; they worked very hard to get their VPN certification for authentic Neapolitan pizza and the quality shows.

Also on Friday, I was surprised and delighted to be featured in the Daily Plug section of Tim Bousquet’s The Halifax Examiner (which is my go-to Halifax news source, and will be my link to Halifax when I’m away).
Tim was one of a string of editors I wrote under while at the Coast, and I disagree with his self assessment that he was the “worst food editor in the world”, heartily. Always a little in awe of Tim and his investigative journalist skills, his praise was humbling indeed, and made me bawl just a bit–it was a lovely going-away gift. It’s become a bit buried after all weekend, so I’ve cut and pasted it below.

Here it is: “I met Liz Feltham when I was charged with editing her restaurant review column in The Coast. Of course, I don’t know especially much about food and find most food writing incredibly, well, vapid. In other words, I’m the worst food column editor in the world. But thankfully, Liz always sent in perfect copy that was actually interesting; all I had to do was slap a headline on that puppy and I was done with it. I’ve followed her blog, Food4Thought, but she seemed to have slipped off the radar screen lately, with long waits between new posts. Well, now it becomes clear why: she’s been going through all the preparations of packing her life together and moving to Victoria. That’s a big loss for Halifax, but she’ll no doubt settle in and start posting again on a regular basis. I wish her well.”  Sniffle, sniffle

Friday night (it was a big day), I headed home to Newfoundland to visit family before hitting that other island on that other coast, and of course indulged in chips, dressing and gravy. IMG_5324

So while I haven’t been posting regularly in the run-up to our departure date for Victoria, I hope to rectify that by writing about our road trip as we head out next Sunday. Stay tuned!


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