Around The Table


So I’ve been away from blogging longer than I planned. First, my NaPoWriMo run came to an abrupt end one day short of month end when the flu I thought I had turned out to be pneumonia, confirmed by a late night trip to the ER and a chest X-ray.
I have to give a shout out to the crackerjack ER team at the Cobequid Center, a crew of caring professionals who made me feel better just by being empathetic. With one glaring exception–the registration clerk, whose milk of human kindness had long since curdled and who should not ever be allowed to deal with the public, much less a sick public. “Bitch” is a word I dislike, and don’t trot out often, but this was a capital B.
With antibiotics in hand and system, my lungs cleared up, the coughing burning hacking phlegminess gone, and the weakness beaten into submission, I was almost good as new in time to help my long suffering better half get our house ready for market.
Although we are both excited about the move west, it’s hard to leave behind our first house. Asked by a friend what I’d miss the most, I answered without hesitation.
This dining room. So many meals with family and friends, so many memories. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating–we don’t spend enough time around a table, sharing food.
This table has seen everything from neighbourhood brunches to family birthdays, fancy grown-up dinner parties to casual Sunday suppers. The walls, to me, are filled with the laughter, the conversation, the camaraderie of untold meals.
For the next few weeks, we’ll be busy getting ready for our midsummer move. You can bet the first thing we’ll do upon getting settled in Victoria is to gather people round this table again, making new memories.


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