20140424-225552.jpgNaPoWriMo 2014 heads into its last week, and I am at the desperate scrambling stage. Like a runner nearing the end of a marathon, my (poetry) muscles are cramping, the soles of my creative feet hurt, and I’ve hit the wall. Just 7 more days, just 7 more days, I chant to myself. Mulling ideas for about 4 hours now, I’ve dismissed thought after thought, and am now under the gun to bang out something before the clock strikes 12 and I miss posting on this date. So now the next food particle that comes out of my way is the the topic of the day. I’m heading to my trusty list of styles and the first one my mouse lands on is it, and let the letters fall where they may.
Acrostic Poetry=the first letter of each line spells a word when read vertically. Does not have to rhyme. Okay let’s DO this!

When cooking is not happening
Our take out menus appear
Not in the mood for pizza
Tonight let’s have Chinese
Order two bowls of soup
Not hot and sour, but the other

Soup, the one full of dumplings
Overstuffed with pork
Ugly, like little white brains
Perhaps we’ll just have egg rolls