The Road Trip Indigestion Blues


Hittin’ the highway, way out of town
Don’t have a schedule weighing us down
Don’t have a set mealtime, don’t have a set plan
We’ll eat when we’re hungry, wherever we can

Stop for some breakfast, the doughnuts look good
Maybe we scarfed down more than we should
But we don’t have a mealtime, don’t have a set plan
We’ll eat when we’re hungry, wherever we can

Pick salads up later, a healthy choice? Please!
We had salads with bacon, ranch dressing, and cheese
There isn’t a mealtime, don’t have set plan
Just eat when we’re hungry, whenever we can

Turkey dinner for later, trimmings and all
Visit with family, and having a ball
This one was mealtime, this one was planned
We ate two plates of turkey, and it was just grand

At the hotel room, late in the night
Felt kind of nibbly, wanted a bite
Ordered a pizza, and hot wings unplanned
Eschewed the Zantac, heartburn be dammed

Up in the morning, headed back home
Stomach is gurgly, intestine’s a’groan
Stopped for some lunch, gravy and fries
Round about then, we had to realize

Time to pay up, for digestive abuse
We got the road trip-indigestion-acid reflux stomach-ache blues


5 thoughts on “The Road Trip Indigestion Blues

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    1. Thank you LMA, you’re a little bit fabulous yourself 🙂 And really there is nothing like a road trip for going wild with the daily diet–I’m just starting to get too old to have the digestive system bounce back like it should. It’s like a food hangover!


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