Smoked Meat Sandwich


My great inspiration for a verse tonight is just what I had for supper. Which was smoked meat, so, nothing overly inspired. But what was inspired was a song that our former neighbour Jen once wrote about a smoked meat sandwich that I made, and I wish I could remember all the words. Jen’s now a wonderful yoga reiki life coach happiness person in Montreal, and as Montreal IS the home of the BEST smoked meat sandwiches, that is wonderfully, happily, fitting.
Go ahead! Visit her virtual home here and ask her about the smoked meat sandwich song yourself!

Choose your bread, it must be rye
Marble, dark or light
Pumperknickel in a pinch
But never wheat or white

Selection of the mustard type
Is of great import indeed
Dijon’s good, grainy’s best
To taste the mustard seed

Sauerkraut, piled up on high
For tangy taste of brine
And for a special added touch
I layer cheese on mine

Smoked meat steamed til warm and then
Prepare to meet your maker
‘Cause smoked meat ‘wich craft tends to make
me less giver than taker.


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