Curry in a Hurry


Day 11 of NaPoWriMo finds me with a plethora of potential poems, but nothing easily rhymed. That is, until I thought about Friday night supper, and how at the end of the week, I want something decent and fast, and not too much work. But it should taste good. And be full of flavour, like Indian food. Like, well, curry in a hurry.

I’m hungry, and tired, and need to eat.
Don’t want to be cooking, and on my feet.
Want something quick, but not in the mood
For ordering pizza, or other fast food.
Turn to the fridge, looking for snacks
And there is my trusty jar of Patak’s.
Conveniently bottled, this paste of mild curry
Perfect for making my food in a hurry.
Slice up an onion, red is my fave
A can of chickpeas goes in for the save
Can of tomatoes, diced with the juice
Then open the jar, let curry paste loose
A teaspoon or two, more if you favour
Simmer a bit, then sit back and savour
Ready in no time, no fuss or flurry
Channa Masala, curry in hurry.


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