Who’s Coming to Dinner? 1st Guest


Ever been asked the question “If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?” No, me either. But I’ve thought about it a bit. And I think about dinner a lot. So today’s poem is about one of my guest list, which I’ve narrowed down by choosing influential people from the culinary world. My first guest is Catherine de’ Medici, and here’s what she did to get herself invited to my table.

Catherine de Medici, a wealthy Florentine
Shipped off in 1533 to marry at fourteen
Wed the future king of France, and then became the queen

Prior was the habit of medieval table time
To serve all the food together, with no reason nor a rhyme
But Catherine brought the Florentine way, delightfully sublime
To separate the meats and sweets and clear the table of grime
And set out fine linens and silverware, and dress up dinnertime.

Introduced an unknown elegance to their culinary scene
Imagine-an Italian, reforming ancient French cuisine!


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