Amos Pewter for the Win!


This is my bracelet, broken. It’s my asparagus bracelet, the one that Mike brought home as a surprise–no occasion, he just saw it and thought it would be perfect. He was right, this pewter asparagus bracelet has been my constant companion, and has barely left my wrist for over a decade. Like Liz Taylor’s signature diamonds, this bracelet was me.

I slipped it on my arm one morning, and it just snapped in two. I was heartbroken, but for the amount of wear, not really surprised. But what did surprise me was the reaction of Amos Pewter when I contacted them. On December 17, I emailed to ask if they did repairs, explaining how much I loved this bracelet and how much it meant to me.

What followed was the most helpful, friendly, empathetic customer service I have ever experienced, across any industry, anywhere. Jessica from Amos explained it could be repaired, but that it would likely break again. This particular piece had been discontinued, but they saved one or two of everything they made, and they might have it. She’d have someone take a look for me. They did, in the bangle size I needed. I was so excited, I was beside myself. “Will you take a CC # via email?” I asked.

The response? “Because we have a 100% product guarantee, we will not be charging you for this replacement, but thank you”.
And to top it off, they sent it express mail so that I would have it in time for Christmas.
Let’s recap: One bracelet, more than 10 years old. No charge to replace. A 10 year old bracelet.
One week from query to replacement. One thoughtful, gracious, compassionate Amos asset (Jessica).
One lifelong fan earned.

Thank you Jessica, and thank you Amos Pewter, for making my Christmas!


Visit Amos Pewter here, to find your signature piece.


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