Chilly, so Chili, not Chile. Chill.

The next stop of the Armchair Culinary tour was to have taken us to Robinson Crusoe island, but cold weather and driving rain diverted my attention. Because Robinson Crusoe Island is a territory of Chile, and I was looking for something warm and comforting for supper in this miserable weather, so Chile became chili and here we are.
Thing is, I love chili, and I love the idea of making it, but I never like the taste of my own chili. It’s either too spicy, or too bland, or too salty.
The best chili I’ve eaten was found last fall during our visit to Baltimore. A day trip to Gettysburg led to grabbing a bite of lunch in the park’s restaurant, and there was an astonishing good chili, with fabulous cornbread, not to mention a great peach cobbler–not a venue you’d expect great food at, but there it was. So good, I took a picture.
Now, this chili may come in to their cafeteria frozen, simply reheated for visitors, or it may be from scratch, I don’t know (I should have asked).
It had the perfect bean to meat ratio, well balanced seasoning, and just the perfect heat.
I can find neither a recipe nor a place here in Halifax that makes a chili that I enjoyed as much as this one–any and all suggestions are welcome!


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