Destination: Republic of Djibouti

Where: Djibouti is tucked into the “Horn” of Africa, on the continent’s eastern side and bordered by the Red Sea on the east, Ethiopia on the north, south and west.

Snapshot: A commercial hub, due to strategic location on shipping lanes, with a very busy port. Largely desert, with an arid climate, with some mountains but less than 1% forested land. Mainly Muslim faith-wise, the country is truly multi-ethnic with Somalian, Afar, Arabs, Ethiopians and Europeans.

Time for dinner! Most meals are halal, as per Muslim tradition. Goat, camel, lamb, beef are all eaten, typically stewed. Unleavened flat bread (lahoh), rice, pasta, some fruit (mango, guava, banana) and vegetables, and fish along the coast. Flavours are diverse, influenced by the Middle East and Indian spice palate: saffron, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon. Berbere sauce, the Ethiopian hot sauce, is often used.
Djibouti households use incense after each meal, to perfume the home.

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