One of Those Days…


It’s one of those days, when nothing seems to going quite right. Nothing major, mind you–first world problems and all that. Started when Jack the Newf, he of the iron bladder, decided around 2 am that he MUST go pee RIGHT NOW. With a blood curdling demonic bizzaro howl that would have befitted the Hound of the Baskervilles. So yeah, that woke me up, in a panic. Try getting back to sleep after that kind of rude awakening (of course, Jack had no problem returning to gentle giant snoring). And on the day went, until a late night supper that was supposed to have been easy–leftovers. Sniff, sniff. Nope, that’s sour. Sniff, sniff…hmmmm…that’s gone off too. And so it went. At least I could get back to posting for NaBloPoMo, right? Not so fast.
The next stop in our Armchair Culinary Tour was to be Brunei, and I cannot find photos in the public domain that have the right resolution. With midnight fast approaching, and the 2am awake time starting to kick in, I’m tossing in the towel.
Back to the ACT tomorrow!
When life gives you lemons, sell them and buy oranges.


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