Every year the Downtown Halifax Business Commission sponsors a promo called “Big Day Downtown”. Local bloggers, armed with a VISA gift card, run wild downtown and blog about it. And this year I got an invite. BDD_FotorNow, I have a confession. I work downtown, and as soon as I leave work, I beat a hasty retreat to the suburbs, so I don’t spend much recreational time there. But, I love Halifax’s downtown, especially the waterfront. Enormous potential stalled by the shortsightedness of politicians and the antiquated views of stodgy curators of the past who refuse to look to the future–but this is my Big Day, and I’m going to focus on happy things. 

My three cards? Thrilling, Satisfying, Offbeat. Now there’s a lot of ground to cover downtown, so I decide to focus on what I know best–food. And, as I pondered where to go, I settled on a theme celebrating one of my favourite animals–the pig. My “Big Day Downtown” would be my “Pig Day Downtown”. 

First card: Thrilling. For me, a great meal at a new place is thrilling. And I was long overdue for a visit to check out Bonehead’s BBQ. If you don’t follow them on Twitter (@Boneheads), you should. They’re funny, naughty, hilarious and mouth-watering. It was going to take a lot to live up to my expectations, and I would be thrilled if they did.
We decide to try it all, and settle in to the Pit Boss Sampler.


Holy SMOKES this was good. All of it. Not that we could eat all of it–we left with take out containers. The meat was tender, the sides delish, and the house bbq sauces pretty incredible. Oh, yeah, it was thrilling!