Big (Pig) Day Downtown, Finale

My last card is “Offbeat”. And not only is my last stop of the day offbeat, it combines 2 of my favourite things: bacon and chocolate. Yup, it’s further down the boardwalk to the Canadian Bacon Cookhouse for a skewer of chocolate covered bacon.

I like the way the bacon is wavy on the stick, reminds me of a sail, very Haligonian. I scooped up my salty sweet treat and looked around. BeaverTails, the Battered Fish–if only we hadn’t overloaded at Boneheads.

My first Big (Pig) Day Downtown is over, the gift card spent, criteria met. I don’t think I’ll wait another year for a Big Day Downtown–there’s so much to see and do, and it’s all not just pork and chocolate!
Thrilling, satisfying, and offbeat indeed.


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