All Hands on Deck

If there’s a better way to spend a summer evening than with good food and great company, I can’t imagine it. We haul the kitchen table out onto the back deck, plan a no-fuss menu, and take some time from overstuffed lives to reconnect. On this particular evening, our dinner guests are particularly special: Dave and Alex have cast their worldly goods to the wind and sailed off into the sunset. They’ve spent the past year cruising in their 40-foot boat, Banyan, poking about the coastal nooks and crannies from Halifax to Grenada.
We’ve followed their journey here; thanks to Alex’s amazing writer’s voice, they’ve amassed an avid fan base who travel vicariously with them. They’re home for a visit, and on this night, swapped Banyan’s deck for our deck.
Alex is also a talented cook in her own right, they’re both adventurous eaters, so while there was some freedom in what to serve, there was also a little pressure in picking just the right thing. IMG_2608

Nothing fishy–surely folks who’d been sailing around the Caribbean would have had there share of amazingly fresh seafood. It should be local, and meat. I’ve been on a lamb kick lately, so a visit to Getaway Meat Mongers in the Seaport Farmer’s Market snagged me a leg. Summer means BBQ, and I wanted something with lots of flavour. Tandoori style lamb it is. Why not have Indian food? Channa masala, butter chicken, chicken korma would join the lamb. Na’an, of course, basmati rice, and samosas, and we are good to go.

And then we feast. The sun goes down, the stars come out, and we sit in the balmy summer evening. Swapping tales, catching up, laughter pushing the mundane worries of everyday life away for the moment. When we share a meal, we share so much more than food.


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  1. What a great, great evening wasn’t it? So nicely relaxed, feasting in the comfort of your welcoming home, your choice of dishes so well paired (even fish would’ve been great since neither Dave nor I can catch even seaweed travelling all that distance on the Big Blue!!)… we’d been drooling since your invite and your cheffing skills surpassed everything we could have imagined !! Our tastebuds are still in heaven and indeed, the time spent with you and Mike (and Jack and Fleur) was an evening we shall never forget !! xo


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